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How do I install the code on my website?



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    Hello Chamie! Just a heads up, I did move your post to the topic Call Tracking. In regards to your question, there are multiple ways you can install the javascript code on your website. For manual installation, follow these instructions: 

    1. Click the Settings icon on the left navigation bar.
    2. Choose the company where you'd like to install the JavaScript code.
    3. Click Integrations at the top of the page.
    4. Choose JavaScript Snippet from the list of integrations.
    5. Copy the JavaScript provided. 
    6. Paste your script into each page of your website right before the </body> tag.

    If you are using a Wordpress website, you can follow these instructions to install the plugin. This will automatically place the code on each page of your site:

    1. Click the Settings icon on the left navigation bar.
    2. Choose the company whose plugin you'd like to activate.
    3. Click Integrations at the top of the page. 
    4. Click on the WordPress tile to show those instructions.
    5. Open a separate browser tab and log into your WordPress account.
    6. Within Wordpress, select Plugins, then search for CallRail
    7. When you have located the CallRail plugin in Wordpress, click Install Now and then Activate.
    8. Once your plugin is successfully installed, select Settings in the left menu, then click CallRail.
    9. Add the WordPress plugin key from the Integrations page within CallRail to the plugin settings in WordPress. 
    10. Click Save Changes to activate your plugin.

    I hope this is helpful! If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to let me know. Here is an article with further details if you'd like to take a look: Installing the JavaScript Snippet

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