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Do I need to add a voicemail or hang up section to my call flow? I'm letting my calls go to my cell, and want the voicemails there. It lets me save it without it, but will there be any issues if I don't have those steps at the end of the call flow?



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    Hey Brewer! Thank you for your question. You do not have to include a hangup or voicemail step in your call flow. In fact, if you'd like missed calls to go to your cell phone's voicemail instead of CallRail, you will want to not include the voicemail step in the call flow. I would advise changing the ring time on your dial step to 60 seconds, so your cell has plenty of time to send the call to voicemail if it is missed. One last note, make sure you leave the "Prevent voicemails and automated systems from answering a call" box unchecked.

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