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The following scenarios explain when and why you might hear a message asking you to dial 1 to connect the call. 

The customer calling your tracking number hears the message "Press 1 to connect this call":

This is called a Challenge. A Challenge is meant to mitigate spam calls by forcing the caller to take action before completing the call. Since a robocaller would be unable to complete this step, the call would disconnect and not appear on your call log (or bill). However, some CallRail users do not like those calling their business to be challenged. 

You can turn this feature off by going to Settings > Blocked Numbers. At the bottom of the page, you'll want to select Allow for all the options to ensure no one calling your tracking numbers is challenged. 

Keep in mind, turning off the Challenge could result in an increase in spam calls.

You are hearing the message "Press 1 to connect" when answering calls to your tracking numbers:

This is the result of having the "Prevent voicemails and automated systems from answering a call" box selected on certain call flow steps. This setting ensures that a personal voicemail or an automated system on a destination number  does not interfere with your call flow.

To stop the "Press 1 to connect" message from playing when answering a call made to your tracking number, you'll want to uncheck this box.

Keep in mind, unchecking this box could interfere with your call flow routing. 

When placing an outbound call using the CallRail mobile app or the callback feature on the call log:

When using the above methods to place an outbound call, we'll dial your number first, and you'll be asked to "Please press 1 to connect to (phone number)." Once you answer, we'll dial the recipient for you. From their perspective, it's just like you called them directly from your phone — except your tracking phone number will show up on their caller ID.

This cannot be removed. However, using Lead Center to place calls does not require this step. 





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