Tracking our Main Business number

Is there a way to track our main phone number? Would I just use number porting to track the calls that come in directly to our business?



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    Thanks for the great question. If you are looking to track calls that are coming into your main business line within CallRail, the best way would be to port your business line to CallRail from your current provider.

    Once the porting process is complete, that number would become a CallRail tracking number and would still need to be configured to forward to another external phone number or Lead Center agent (if you are using Lead Center).

  • Thanks!

  • I've been trying to get our main business line ported over for awhile now. Don't know if the other company just doesn't want us to move our number, but this process takes time and lots of revisions. 

  • Hey Nancy! I'm so sorry to hear you're experiencing issues getting your number ported over. I do see where our porting specialist reached out to you yesterday with more information on your port. I would advise looking at that ticket and taking the next steps she provided to get that resolved. 

    Again, I do apologize as I understand the porting process can be frustrating. 

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Robin, we're definitely working with customer service. It seems to be on our old carriers' side that we are having issues. Callrail customer service has been very supportive and I appreciate Goldie. 

  • I'm happy to hear that. Yes, based off of the ticket, it does appear that way. I'm glad our support has been helpful!


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