Not all form submissions coming through our email

For some reason, not all of the form submissions in call rail, are being forwarded to our email. For instance, this morning 5 out of 8 the web submissions did not get forwarded to our email, only 3 of them did. I only know this because I have access to both our CallRail and our company email, where our dispatcher only has access to the email. So every morning I have to go through and manually copy and paste the submissions that didn't get forwarded

How can I fix this, so that every single one gets forwarded? Thanks!



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  • Gabriel,

    One thing to check is to go to your email client and search for or CallRail <>, to see if any hidden emails pull up. Sometimes mail is filtered outside of the main mailbox. If that doesn't pull anything, please add CallRail your email provider's approved senders list.  If after this you are still having issues, please let me know and I can get a ticket created for you so a member of the team can investigate further.

  • OK I have tried these, I will get back to you thanks!


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