Lead Center Inbox F.A.Q.

What is the difference between the new sections in the Lead Center inbox - “Active” and “Reviewed”?

The Lead Center inbox was updated to align with feedback we received from our customers - Active items at the top are still “to-do” and Reviewed items are “done.”

We highly recommend that users move items to the Reviewed section as they process them. That will help keep the Active section neat, easy to process, and focused on “to-do” items. 

Items in the Active section are sorted by timestamp. Incoming calls and chats will always be at the top of the inbox, since these are the highest urgency items, and their timestamp is considered ‘now’. They are followed by active calls and chats, since those items are actively ongoing. After that, every interaction is sorted by the time it was received.

I’m having a hard time finding my interactions in the inbox sections. How can I quickly find them?

Using the Search feature allows users to search interactions in both the Active and Reviewed sections of the Inbox. Previously, Search only searched interactions in the Recent section.The Search and Filter features are now represented with icons at the top of the inbox, and expand once the icon is clicked. 

How do I see my interactions only and not the entire company in the Lead Center inbox?

For users that do not have Focused Inbox enabled, there is a quick filter at the top of the Lead Center inbox that allows you to quickly toggle between “All Items” and “My Items”.

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