External Form Integration w/ Validation

I have websites that rely on forms extensively, one such form can be seen here - 

If you visit this form, and PARTIALLY complete the form, including saying the name, and phone number, and submit it, the form will not submit if all required fields are filled out. 

But what happens, is the partial form data is sent to Call Rail, only then to have the user complete the required fields, and resubmit. This is standard practice with any form whereas certain fields are required. 

In Call Rail, when looking at form submissions from one day to the next, it is common to see repeat form submissions for each attempt.

For the ultimate solution, there should be some way for a developer such as myself only to send that form data to Call Rail once all required fields are submitted. 

As good as the programmers at Call Rail are, this would only seem like a logical solution for proper integration. Do you agree?



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    Hey Tom. Thank you for your question!

    The way this can be prevented is to put validation on the form through your form provider, so the submit button is not active until the required fields are filled out. This will prevent any data from being sent prematurely to CallRail resulting in duplicate submissions.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Robin, I added this 


    into my validation script and it seemed to work whereas your method adding the <script> did not. 

    let's keep this thread open and I will let you know. ;-)

  • I'm happy to hear you were able to find a method that works for you. Yes, please feel free to come back to this thread if you have any further issues.


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