Verify call extension phone numbers in Google Ads

Google requires that all phone numbers used in call extensions and call-only ads are verified. You may see a message like this in your Google Ads account:


Getting started

Google provides two ways to verify your call extension phone numbers:

  1. Ensure the phone number used in your extension appears in text on the website featured in your ad.

  2. Prove that you own your domain by linking your Google Search Console to your Google Ads accounts. You can also add your unique Google Ads conversion tracking code snippet to the landing page featured in your ad if you prefer to verify ownership of your domain without using Google Search Console. 

After you link your Google Ads and Google Search Console accounts, it may take several hours or days for your phone numbers to appear as verified.

Tip:  The easiest way to verify CallRail phone numbers is to prove ownership of your ad's display URL by linking your Google Ads and Google Search Console account. Google recommends option 2 if you’re using third-party call tracking services like CallRail.

Use this Google article to link your Google Search Console and Google Ads accounts.

Prefer to use Google's instructions? Here's their help article on the different ways you can verify your extensions.

Linking your account to Google Search Console

  1. Once you're logged into Google Ads, click Admin on the left menu.

    If your Google Ads account is under a manager account, you will click Settings & Billing at the top of the page instead.

  2. Select Linked accounts from the list of options.

    Google Analytics Admin page.png

    If your Google Ads account is under a manager account, this will be in the Account section instead.

  3. On the Linked accounts page, use the search bar to find the Search Console option.


  4. Click Details for the Search Console option.

  5. You'll see a prompt to link Search Console to Google Ads. Click Link to begin the linking process.


  6. Enter the website URL you'd like to link, then click Continue.


  7. If your account links successfully, you'll see "Linked" in the "Status" column.

Note: You may see other statuses if your account can't be linked to Search Console. For more information on troubleshooting, please see this Google help article:

Link Search Console with Google Ads.

Verify a Webmaster Tools account

  1. Go to and click Search Console, or sign in.

  2. Click the "Search Property" field, and select Add property.


  3. Enter the URL of the site you're verifying, then click Continue.


  4. Your site may be auto-verified at this point. If not, verify the ownership of your website using one of the available methods listed on this page. Click Done when finished.


  5. After your verification is successful, you can return to link the account in Google Ads.
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