Quick Texts in Lead Center

Quick Texts help you save time and templatize your text replies by saving messages that you frequently use, so you can send them out to customers with a single tap.

How to create, edit, or delete a Quick Text

  1. Open the texting interface. (You can do this by clicking the text message icon in the top right of the interaction panel, using the quick actions buttons in the inbox, selecting a text message from the Incoming interactions section in the inbox, or accessing a text message from a customer's interaction history.)

  2. Click the Quick Texts icon next to the message box at the bottom of the interaction panel. Click Add/Manage Quick Texts.


  3. To create a new Quick Text, click Create Quick Text.


  4. Name the Quick Text, then type the message you would like to save. Click Save.

  5. To edit an existing Quick Text, click the pencil icon. To delete a Quick Text, click the trash icon.


  6. You can also create a Quick Text when you send a text. To do so, type a text in the message box. Click the arrow in the save button, and select Send and save as a Quick Text. The message will now be saved to your Quick Text menu. 


How to send a Quick Text

  1. Once you've created a Quick Text, it will be stored in the Quick Text menu the next time you need to send it. 

  2. Open the texting interface. 

  3. Click the Quick Text icon and select the message you want to send. Then click Send.

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