LinkedIn Ads Integration

Any info on when a LinkedIn ads integration might be coming? Or some tips on how to send call conversions over to LinkedIn Ads?



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    Hey Hunter!

    At this time, we do not have a timeline for an integration with LinkedIn Ads. However, this is something our product team is looking to build now that LinkedIn Ads recently allowed conversion posting in the API. I will provide updates about this from our product team here.

  • Any update on this? 

  • Hey Hunter,

    At this time, there is no update here. 

  • Just checking back in on this, any updates?

  • Hi Hunter,

    Thanks for checking back in, we appreciate you vocalizing this request! Since our initial response, our Product team has backlogged this until we see more interest from customers overall. While we would love to build new integrations at each customer's request, work is prioritized based on customer impact. I invite any other users to please chime in if this integration is of interest! We'll certainly comment here if anything changes in the future.

  • That seems a little short-sighted to willfully ignore an integration with the largest B2B social media platform. Especially when there's a potential first-mover advantage to be had, but I guess it is what it is. 

    Say I decided to build out an integration with the API.  Is there a marketplace for integrations that I could sell it on that CallRail has? Is that even a permitted use of the API?

  • Hey guys from Callrail, any updates on LinkedIn integration in 2024?


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