Call tag - Multiple selection option and tag ordering

Suggestion for future updates: allow for multiple tag selections at once rather than having to click the + for every tag.  It is pretty time consuming and that would help greatly to be able to select more than one at a time.

Another suggestion that would be very helpful is if we had the ability to order the tags ourselves.  I believe that both should be fairly easy adjustments to make that would be great on the user end.  Thank you. 



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    Hey Sheri,

    Thank you for providing these feature ideas. I'll make sure this gets submitted to our product team!

    If any update is made, I'll let you know here. 

    In the meantime, I am curious if any other community members are interested in these updates. Let us know by upvoting this post.


  • I would be interested in an update like this!

  • Hey Mackenzie Derr,

    Thank you for joining the conversation here and letting us know! 


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