Automate your bid strategy in Google Ads using Conversation Intelligence to send call values

You can use Conversation Intelligence (CI) to automate your bid strategy in Google Ads. This setup will save you time while marketing with confidence. The following steps explain how to get this set up.

  1. Set up the Google Ads integration and select to send call values to Google Ads. Here is an article that provides more details on sending call values to Google ads.
  2. Create an automation rule that looks for certain words or phrases. 
  3. Apply a value to that rule in the “Actions” section of the creation. 
  4. This rule will now send values to Google Ads from calls that came from visitor-level tracking (i.e., website pools) where Google Ads was the source. 

While you can do this without using CI, you would have to apply values manually to calls, and set a delay in the integration for when these calls are sent to Google Ads. When you use CI, you can automate this process, which allows you to automate your bid strategies in Google Ads.




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