Viewing Google Ads Calls for Conversions in your Call Log

This guide will cover how to filter your CallRail call log and view calls that are eligible for Google Ads conversions based on your CallRail account settings and Google Ads settings. 

First, let's review the requirements for a call to be eligible for a Google Ads conversion. A call must come from a visitor who clicked on your website from a Google Ad and then called a website pool tracking number. Our JavaScript snippet, in conjunction with visitor tracking, allows us to capture the visitor's assigned GCLID and match this with their call. 

For additional information on Google Ads conversion tracking requirements and Integration details, please see our Google Ads help article

My Google Ads Integration is configured to create one conversion action for all calls.

Selecting this option will create a single goal in Google Ads named ("Phone Call"). When this option is selected, CallRail will report both first-time calls and repeat phone calls from a visitor under the “Phone Call” Conversion action in Google Ads. 

To filter your CallRail calls to see which ones are eligible for Google Ads Conversions, navigate to the Call Log from the Activity dashboard within CallRail. 

From here, select the appropriate date range, then configure the following filters: 

  • Add the numbers filter and select your Website Pool
  • Add the Source filter and select Google Ads

Now you can view all calls that are eligible to be sent as a Google Ads conversion during the date range selected. 

My Google Ads Integration is configured to create separate conversion actions for first-time callers and repeat callers.

Selecting this option will create two separate conversion actions created within your Google Ads account, “First-Time Phone Call” and “Repeat Phone Call”. Having this option selected will report first-time calls and repeat phone calls separately to their respective conversion actions within Google Ads. 

Viewing these calls within CallRail will need to be filtered separately, one for first-time callers and the other for repeat callers. 

From the call log, select the appropriate date range, then configure the following filters: 

  • Add the numbers filter and select your Website Pool
  • Add the Source filter and select Google Ads
  • Add the Conversation filter and select First Time Conversations or Repeat Conversations.

Please note: changing any of the conversion action names for Phone Call, First-Time Phone Call, or Repeat Phone Call will result in conversions not posting between CallRail and Google Ads. Similarly, changing the conversion source from Import from Clicks will prevent conversions from reporting.

How to filter calls for Calls Details Forwarding Integration Calls. 

CallRail's Google Ads Call Details Forwarding (CDF) integration allows you to track keywords associated with your customer's mobile searches and view calls as conversions in Google Ads. 

To view your ad-extension or call-only ad calls within your CallRail account that are eligible to be viewed as conversions in Google Ads, navigate to the call log, and then apply the following filters:

  • Add the numbers filter and select the ad extension numbers that have been configured in line with the CDF integration support article
  • Add the Source filter and select Google Ads
  • Add the duration filter and select 15 seconds.

Please note that all conversion settings for your ad extensions are handled within Google. Any additional filters for your CallRail call log such as duration or count, must be updated to match your Google Ads conversion settings. 

Conversions can be viewed within your Google Ads account based on your Google account conversion settings. By default, calls to your ad extensions will report to the Calls from Ads conversion action. 

To view your conversion settings in Google, please see Google’s article, here.


Why are calls from my CallRail not matching what I see in Google Ads?

Google Ads attributes the conversion to "click date" and not "conversion date".

Calls to your tracking numbers may not match up exactly with Google Ads conversions over the same date range. This can occur when a lead clicks through to your website from an ad but doesn't place their call on the same day. For example, John visits your website on January 1st and doesn’t place a call. John later revisits the website and decides to call on January 5th. CallRail will report the call to your Google Ads account on January 5th, but it will appear in your Google Ads account attributed to January 1st. 

Your conversion window may be set too restrictive.

If a lead visits your website on January 1st, but doesn’t call until March, the assigned GCLID will be outside of your Google Ads conversion window and the interaction will not be reported as a conversion.

You can set your conversion window anywhere between one and 90 days in Google Ads. If your lead follows an ad to your site but doesn't interact further with you until after the length of time you've set, their interaction will not count as a conversion.

For help with conversion window settings, see Google's article on the subject. 

For additional common troubleshooting steps and reasons why conversions may not be posting, please see our help articles, Troubleshooting your Google Ads Integration and No Conversions in Google Ads. 

Why are calls to my ad extensions in CallRail not matching my Google Ads account?

Google forwarding numbers may not show with desktop ads if your ad group isn’t getting a minimum number of clicks in a four-week period. Your business phone number will be shown in that case. (There is no minimum requirement for ads on mobile.) You can visit Reporting > Predefined Reports > Assets(Legacy) > Call Details in Google Ads to verify if a call went through Call Reporting. 

For more information on Google’s policy regarding this, refer to their help article.

Is the ad extension tracking number placed elsewhere?

Google will only report to us the matching information for the call if the tracking number was called from your ad extension or call-only ad. 

Review your Google Ads conversion settings. 

Are you configured to count “every” or “one“ conversion per ad click? Since Google handles your ad-extension conversion settings, please check if you have “every” or “one” selected and adjust your CallRail filters accordingly.

What is your Google Ads setting for call length

If your Google Ads settings for call length is 30 seconds for calls to count as a conversion, you will need to update the CallRail duration filter to match this setting. 





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