Lead Center Ringer vs. Calls

Other systems allow a separate audio device to be chosen for the ringer audio.  For example, ring the computer speakers, but then allow the call audio to be routed through headphones.  It would be nice to do this, so if you take headphones off, you can still hear the ring from a short distance from the computer.



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    Hey Kevin,

    I'll get this feature request to submitted to our product team for review. If any updates are made, I'll let you know here!

  • We aren't getting our computers to ring at all. Is there a setting that we are missing? 

  • Hey Tyler Marquardt,

    A couple things you can check here: did your agents allow for notifications when they first opened Lead Center, and are your agents keeping the Lead Center tab open the whole time? Here's a post that lists other things you can check. If you've already checked all of these things, I see you have a ticket open with support. They'll be able to troubleshoot this further for you! 


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