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It would be nice to be able to setup a rule in a queue that after x amount of time, the agent is logged out so the call can be re-routed to an available agent.  We have had agents walk away from their computers and unknowingly have customers waiting for them to come back.



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  • Hey Kevin,

    I'd like to get a little more clarity on this. If an agent marks themself as offline, calls ringing to the queue will not ring to them. The queue should only be ringing to agents who are marked as online. However, if there are no agents available, the caller will still sit in that queue for the time set in the call flow. If an agent comes online during that time, the call will route to them. Otherwise, after the allotted amount of queue time, the caller will go to the next step. 

    All of this to say, if an agent walks away from the computer, they should mark themselves as offline, so no calls are routed to them during that time. Is this not the behavior you're seeing, or is your request for something different?


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