Block Unwanted Calls by Descriptor

Sophisticated spam/scam/solicitors will use unlimited phone numbers with different area codes. In many cases, the multiple phone numbers will be comprised of a small number of descriptors, example "TOP PAGE RANKER". 

Even after receiving 10+ calls per week from the same solicitor and blocking each new number / requesting to be added to a Do Not Call list the spam will continue and there is no repercussion to stop the unwanted calls as they often routed overseas.

The ability to block a phone number by the phone number's descriptor would help cut back on spam, making ti increasingly difficult for sophisticated spammers to generate new numbers, and help improve overall metric reporting. It will also save a ton of time and provide value to clients by preventing harassing or unwanted phonecalls.



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    Hey Michael,

    I'll get this request sent to our product team for review. If there is an update to our blocking feature, I'll let you know here.

    Thanks for taking the time to provide this suggestion, and welcome to the community! 

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