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I have had trouble with my tracking numbers not ringing properly.  I just saw a thread on a lawyer FB group with others experiencing the same.  Some think the trouble occurs when the inbound call comes from a VOIP but nobody knows.



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    Hey Michael,

    This is something you'll need to continue working with our support team on. Based on your previous ticket, we were not seeing any issues with our carrier on the backend, which is why we believe it could be an issue with your external VOIP provider. If you would like to have our support team look into this for you again, they're happy to do so, but you will need to submit a ticket.

    If you have any general questions you'd like to bring to the community, we're happy to answer those for you. However, with more specific troubleshooting of your account, you'll want to reach out to support. 

  • I guess I might be experiencing something similar and I lost 8 leads yesterday. That's a LOT. None of the calls came through to CallRail.

  • Hey Havi,

    I'm not seeing any missed calls from yesterday in your account. If someone calls one of your tracking numbers, even if it is missed, it will appear in your call log. Where did you see you missed these calls?

  • I give up.  Call Rail is not for me.

  • Hello Michael. I am sorry that you are having issues with your service. I see that you have 2 open tickets at this time. Our Support agents will continue to work with you to get everything resolved. Please reply to those tickets directly. We would not want to discuss anything specific to your account in a public channel, for your privacy and security.


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