Call Coaching

Enhance your customer interaction with tailored feedback including both positive takeaways and opportunities for improvement for the agent on the respective call with Call Coaching.

If you've had the opportunity to test out this new Premium Conversation Intelligence feature, let us know what you think in the comments below!

As a reminder, all CallRail Lab features are for testing purposes and may not become permanent features. Your feedback helps us determine what's here to stay & where we can improve.  



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    Tom - excellent observation! We've noticed the same thing; it doesn't always target well and focus its attention on the behavior of the agent rather than the caller. We've seen a similar issue with some caller-focused alphas, where it sometimes pulls in things said by the agent. We're already exploring some different ways of improving that.

  • The call coaching is precisely the reason I have not migrated to another call solution.  The generated feedback is very sound and can potentially save me a lot of time in having to review the entire call.  I am finding in most cases that the feedback is exactly what I would have come up with and in some cases the AI catches something I might have missed.  I am hoping that Alpha in the future can be customized to generate feedback on inputs that are unique to our specific business.  If Alpha does not become a permanent feature, I would expect that an adaptation of this will eventually become more mainstream, whether by CallRail or one of its competitors.  While performance scorecards for agents is helpful for measuring performance, this feedback component sets CallRail apart from other solutions and is by far the strongest value delivered by AI in my opinion.

  • In my experience using Alpha for the past week, I wanted to share some feedback that may be helpful in the development of this feature.  There are instances where the Call Coaching is directed to the inbound caller.  That is, the feedback is assessing how well the caller did on the call, instead of the agent in our business.  At the moment, this appears to happen when a voicemail is left in our system, or when the call is still live during the transfer to another extension.  In the "hand-off," it's as if the roles are reversed and the feedback captured is no longer directed to our agent.  I would love to get some feedback as to whether there is fix for this, or if this feedback has been experienced by other users.


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