Single authentication to salesforce for multiple companies in Call Rail

We have 41 companies in Call Rail and integration of it with Salesforce for lead capture. Salesforce has limitation of max 5 auth tokens per user. This means we have to create 8 different user records to authenticate each company in Call Rail to SF. (Then also integration isn't working at all times. It keeps failing for some companies at random.) This is very time consuming and expensive.

Idea request here is to update CallRail - SF integration so that we can authenticate all companies together in Call Rail with just one Salesforce user license one time.


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    Hi Mehul,

    Thank you for contacting Support! Unfortunately, this is a Salesforce limitation. The app allows five unique approvals per user. After a fifth approval is made, the oldest approval is revoked. For OAuth 1.x, each issued access token counts as an approval and is listed as a separate entry in the table. For OAuth 2.0, the table lists each refresh token that counts as an approval. Other flows, such as user-agent flows, might also count as approvals. For consumers that use connected apps, avoid requesting OAuth 1.x access tokens or OAuth 2.0 refresh tokens more than once for each device. That way, the limit of five unique approvals doesn’t impact your organization. 

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