Form Tracking Fails w/ Pop Up Blockers

I have 60 clients using the external form feature, as seen here

Yesterday I got a call from a client to tell me that the form could not be submitted with a pop-up blocker in place. Upon disabling the pop-up blocker, the form was submitted. 

Upon testing further, I identified Call Rail as the problem. I contacted Call Rail support and was left with the impression that it's a "known issue" and for ME to solve it, I would need to reach out to each and every supplier of pop-up blockers and ask for Call Rail to be white-listed.

I was left feeling dumbfounded. Here I have been paying $50 a month for a service that does not work as it should nearly 20% of the time. 20%? Half of the users are on mobile with no pop-up blocker. I read about 45% of desktop users use a popup blocker. 

If this was a "known issue", why would Call Rail not inform those relying on it?



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    Hey Thomas,

    I definitely understand your frustration here. I would suggest taking a look at this community post here. This is what the support agent was referencing in his reply to you. The post goes into further detail about this and what another member has attempted to do to bypass this.

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