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When looking at my Unique Caller data with Answered, Missed & Abandoned.  Why would Answered, Missed & Abandoned total equal more than the Unique Caller data?



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  • Hello Joe. The reason you might see a difference between the total of Unique Callers and the combined total of Answered, Missed, and Abandoned calls is this. You are using different filters. With the "any" filter, a caller will only show up once, no matter the answer status. However, that same caller may have had 1 call answered, a second call missed, and another call go into voicemail. That's just a count of 1 under the any filter However, you will also see it once under answered, once under missed, and once under voicemail.

    Take this same caller and add 2 more missed calls in the same time frame. In this case, even though there were 3 total missed calls, it will still show as only 1 unique call under the missed filter.

    As a general note for the Community, Unique Callers and First-Time callers are different. First-Time callers are exactly what they sound like. This is the first time they have ever called your tracking numbers, regardless of the time frame you are looking at.

    Unique Callers, however, display the first time that the caller dialed your tracking number during the time frame you are looking at. They may have called just once in the last month and show up as a Unique Caller, even though they may have called 5 times 2 months ago.



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