Facebook integration not working - URL Parameter Status keeps saying 'Not Found'


Setting up the Facebook integration so that inside Call Rail, we can see the # of calls coming from Facebook ads. But in order to see Facebook ads as the refer/source, Call Rail needs to see the URL tracking parameter fb_ad_id={{ad.id}} in the URL.

My issue is that the status keeps saying 'Not Found.' This is frustrating because I can try something but it can take up to 24 hours to register. I don't know what I am doing wrong so i have some questions below;:

  1. Do the ads need to be live and running for Call Rail to find the URL Parameter? I have NOT made the ads live because I wanted to test them first. 
  2. In the bracketed portion of the tracking parameter '{{ad.id}}' do i need to add the actual ad ID? Seems silly, but i don't know & I can't find anything in CR documentation that confirms this. Yes i have seen this article but it does not confirm it 
  3. Should i be adding this parameter via the 'Build a URL parameter' section as seen in the image below?


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    Hi Alex, 

    I will be happy to help you out! I would like to review this a bit further for you. I am going to create a support ticket for you and I will be in touch so I can find the exact answer for you regarding this. Thank you! 

  • Hi Alex, 

    Actually I found an existing ticket that is assigned to one of our representatives so I am going to be in touch with them and we will find a resolution for you. Thank you for your patience! 


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