GA4 phone_call Duplication

I just took over a Google Ad account and my client is using CallRail.

As you can see, the event is NOT counting correctly.

I noticed that the client has the native integration set up through the CallRail platform AND they have it set up through GTM as well. My assumption is that this is where the duplication is coming from, but I don't want to disrupt data being sent to Ads and mess up anything on that side.

I also can't debug on mobile, so I haven't been able to understand what is firing when phone numbers are clicked.



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    Hello Rachel! 

    Thank you for posting, and welcome to CallRail Support Community! 

    Based on your question, it looks like call data is funneling in through two different sources. I would also check to make sure the filtered date range in GA4 is accurate as well and lines up with the date range for the call log in your CallRail dashboard. 

    Our support team would be more than happy to help you troubleshoot this and help you get back to tracking accurate lead data in GA4. Please submit a ticket, and someone will reach out to you promptly. 

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