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If my custom report integrates with Looker Studio, I can pull Total Calls.  However, I want to add a chart that will display calls for each day (based on a selected date range)  - it also like to be able to filtyer or include multile graph lines that represent each tracking number - what settings do I need in Looker Studio to set this up? 



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    Hi Zachary, 

    Thank you for posting in Community! I will be glad to help you out. I am looking into some more details regarding this request. I am assuming you have the different connectors set up as stated in our article regarding connecting Looker Studio to CallRail. 


    I have actually created a support ticket on our end to look into this for you to see if there are options within the graph to set this up. You should be getting an email from support@callrail.com shortly. Thank you! 

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