GA4 Not Showing the Conversion Value for Phone Calls from Callrail

We've added conversion value for all goals in GA4, but the conversion value for the phone call event from CallRail isn't appearing. Despite engaging with CallRail support, no solution has been provided. They suggested to adding it manually(during the call or right after the call), which isn't feasible for us. We are getting this issue after the launch of GA4; otherwise, it was working fine with the old universal analytics and showing the conversion value.

Is there a way to set up the conversion value for phone calls using Google Tag Manager or GA4?

Please refer to the GA4 screenshot, where we added conversion value for the phone call event:



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    Hello Ross. It is true that with Universal analytics, you could add default conversion values. However, this does not work with Google Analytics 4. The default conversion value can be set for some other parameters but it doesn't work with CallRail's phone_call event due to limitations between the APIs of CallRail and GA4. It is a current feature request that we hope to be released in a future update. At this time, the value must be added during the phone_call event on the CallRail side, and not afterward with GTM or GA4, which I understand is not feasible for you. I suggest looking into Automation Rules combined with Conversation Intelligence to have our AI automatically value phone calls before sending the information to GA4. You would need call recording and call transcription enabled and this would remove the manual aspect of adding values.


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