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So here is the challenge.  We use CallRail for all of our marketing calls.   Those calls forward to our phone system, Dialpad.   Dialpad is currently integrated with HubSpot logging all calls coming into Dialpad.   So the question is, how do I get the call attribution into Hubspot without duplicating call logs?  Surely I'm not the first person who has run into this.   Even if your not using the same tools, the pattern should be universal:

Callrail - Phone System - CRM


Thanks in advance



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    Hi Todd, 

    Thank you for posting in Community. 

    Our Hubspot integration sends call data directly to Hubspot. We cannot prevent Dialpad from sending the call data also, which may result in duplicate data in Hubspot. We receive the call first but the timing is out of our hands when it hits Hubspot. Dialpad typically comes in second, but because it is so close to ours, data usually isn't populated quite yet for them to find. 

    Our capturing of the Hubspot tracking cookie makes it even more difficult as we utilize that always if we have it and Dialpad is probably not receiving that information. This may be a good question for Dialpad as they are sending their information after we are. 

  • Marty,

    Thanks for the reply.   I guess my question wasn't meant specifically to address dialpad, but rather the thought behind the integration in the first place.   I assume its a typical scenario that people use callrail in conjunction with some other phone system.   Could be anything (Dialpad, Five9, Genisys, etc).  I guess my question is that all of these phone systems are going to be integrated with Hubspot.   They all will create a phone call record.   I'm more interested to understand how Callrail intended this integration to work knowing that there was already going to be a call record in Hubspot from the forwarding phone system.



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