Salesforce Integration - allow Checkbox field types to be set in the integration

Currently, the system does not allow for this. We have some automation setup around checkbox fields. With this limitation, I am having to build additional automation because I can't just tell Callrail to set something to "True" by default.



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    Hello Eric and thank you for joining the CallRail Community. At this time, you are correct that we are unable to map boolean values such as checkbox fields with Salesforce. The integration supports mapping data to custom and standard fields of the following types: string, picklist, multipicklist, phone, email, url, currency, int, datetime, double date, percent, and textarea. Here's a link with more details.

    This is a great feature request and one we've been looking into. I'll resubmit it to our Product Development Team. The more clients who ask for a new feature, the higher it rises on the production list. I'm going to move this post into the Product Ideas channel for greater visibility. Thank you for your feedback.

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