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I want to get a report of how many calls we miss during regular business hours only. That's Monday to Friday, 8 am to 430pm. Right now, it seems impossible to filter missed call reports like this. 



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    Hi Elliot,

    Thank you for reaching out through the CallRail Community!

    Unfortunately, at this time, our reports cannot be filtered to remove calls that occurred during certain hours of the day. If you view the Calls by Day & Time report, you can add a filter for Answer Status to view your missed calls by day of the week and time of day. Additionally, our Unanswered Calls report is broken down by hour of the day. However, neither of these reports will allow you to remove the times of day that are outside of your business hours. 

    The most accurate way you could generate a report to show you how many calls you miss during regular business hours would be to use tags. You could automatically apply a tag to all calls received during business hours using a Call Flow with a Schedule step followed by a Tag step. I have included an example showing how you could build a Call Flow to accomplish this in the screenshots below. 

    Once your calls received during business hours are marked with a tag, you can apply a filter for the tag to any of your reports to ensure you are only viewing calls that came in during your regular business hours. 

    I hope this information helps! If you want assistance setting this up, you can respond to this community post or contact our support team. 

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