Automating lead workflows for customers in a hurry

Many agencies have busy clients that need lead information given to them quickly. There are many ways Lead Center helps agencies do just that for their clients. Below are some tips on how to accomplish this:

1. Lead Center Mobile App

The Lead Center mobile app is great for clients on the go. Push notifications immediately notify agents of missed calls, incoming text messages, and new form submissions. The app also consolidates past interactions with leads into one place. If you’d like more information on how the Lead Center mobile app differs from the CallRail mobile app, check out this community post.

2. Using teams of agents for efficient lead routing

Create teams of agents for each area of the business that receives calls. When a lead calls in, they can select from a menu step in the call flow what they are calling for. Then they are routed to a specific team of agents ready to handle that lead. This cuts out unnecessary transfers/callbacks and gets the lead to the right agent immediately. 

3. Using automation rules to auto qualify/auto tag interactions

You can use Automation Rules for phone calls and online form submissions (and, coming soon, online chat conversations). The criteria you can use to target interactions are divided into three Categories. 

  • Interaction type and handling criteria 
  • Marketing and attribution criteria
  • Key terms and phrases. 

The Automation Rules feature is available to customers who subscribe to our Conversation Intelligence product.




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