How To Get The Proper Timestamp From Google Ads Conversions?

Hi there, 

So I've been listening to some calls through the software and have identified some calls that I would like to retract as conversions, but I'm having trouble getting the timestamp. 

I have downloaded the list of conversions from converted clicks as an excel through the Google Ads integration page.  

This is what that spreadsheet looks like:

Action Google Click Id Conversion Name Conversion Value Conversion Time
add EAIaIQobChMIhJ_7lPed-AIVK4lbCh1MVwPpEAAYASAAEgJh9PD_BwE Phone Call   2022-06-08 13:12:07


I have prepared a Google Ads conversion adjustment spreadsheet and copy pasted the values from the call rail spreadsheet, along with the additional information


Google Click ID Conversion Name Conversion Time Adjustment Time Adjustment Type Adjusted Value Adjusted Value Currency
EAIaIQobChMIhJ_7lPed-AIVK4lbCh1MVwPpEAAYASAAEgJh9PD_BwE Phone Call 2022-06-08 13:12:07 6/28/2022 13:12 RETRACT    


When I upload the spreadsheet through the Google Ads UI though I get the following error:

"This conversion does not exist. Double-check all the parameters."


I suspect this is an issue with the timestamp, but I'm not sure.  Anyone have any suggestions on how I might be able to proceed?



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  • Hey Hunter! 

    It looks like there could be two reasons for the issue you're experiencing here.

    1. On Google's support page for adjusting conversions, a note says, "If you try to adjust any conversions within one day of the ad click, Google Ads may not have recorded them yet, so no adjustment will be made." This could be why you received that error when attempting to retract that conversion from the same day. 

    2. To eliminate any issues with time formatting, you should be able to leave the conversion time and adjustment time the exact same since you are not adjusting the time of the conversion; you're just looking to retract it entirely. 

    Let me know if the above helps you in getting those conversions retracted!

  • Hey Robin, 

    Thank you for your reply.

    This ad clicked happened over 20 days ago, so we can rule out that issue in this case. I tried changing the adjustment time to the conversion time in the spreadsheet but still received the error. I also tried using both "Phone Call" as the conversion type (as it's listed in the call rail generated spreadsheet) and "First Time Phone Call", the name of the conversion in the Google Ads UI.  

  • Hey Hunter! After speaking to our product manager, it appears Google stopped taking the time zone header into account properly from our template, so you can remove it by adding your offset (4 hours) to the conversion time: i.e. 2022-06-08 17:12:02  . 

    The adjustment time does not need to be changed. 

    Let me know if you still see the error after doing so!

  • Still seeing the error:


    This is the full spreadsheet I'm uploading:

    Google Click ID
    Conversion Name
    Conversion Time
    Adjustment Time
    Adjustment Type
    Adjusted Value
    Adjusted Value Currency
    Phone Call
    2022-06-08 17:12:02 
    2022-06-08 13:12:02 
  • Hey Hunter. We are not seeing any potential issues with your upload that would cause an error, so I would recommend reaching out to Google support for further assistance with adjusting conversions. They should be able to offer further support in regards to their templates and formatting. 

  • I have reached out to Google with a community post there.  I also tried to adjust a different conversion from today that had a different gclid with no luck.  Do you know if other call rail customers are doing conversion adjustments based on call rails timestamp data?  Like, do you guys know for sure from y'alls end that the correct timestamp is being captured or output in that spreadsheet?

  • Ok so I was finally able to adjust the conversion.  The spreadsheet callrail is exporting has 2 issues.

    1. The date that is being exported in the converted clicks export is off by 4 hours.  We went the wrong direction.  You recommended adding 4 hours to the date/time in the spreadsheet but I had to subtract 4 hours.  The time ended up being 2022-06-08 09:12:02 (originally 2022-06-08 13:12:02)
    2. The other issue is that callrail wasn't exporting the right conversion name.  In the conversion spreadsheet it was listing the name as "Phone Call", however in the Google Ads UI the conversion is named "First Time Phone Call"

    Fixing both of these issues allowed me to make the conversion adjustments.  

  • Hey Hunter. I am so happy to hear you were able to get the conversion adjusted, and I apologize for the issues you faced while doing so. I really appreciate you bringing these issues to our attention, and I will definitely inform our product team of what you've discovered. 

  • Great! I appreciate you and the teams help. Thank you.


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