Why Does CallRail NOT Work in Firefox?

I have been using CallRail for quite a while aware that numbers would not swap in the Firefox browser. As Firefox users are low, I did not concern myself too much with this consideration.

But now, I am realizing that it will not work with forms as well, and in fact, throws an error when I try to invoke this function - 


I sure hope there is a workaround for this and someone can help out.



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    Good morning Thomas! Thank you for you question.

    While CallRail is best optimized in the Google Chrome browser, it does work with Firefox as well.

    Just to cover all our bases, when testing if your numbers are swapping in the Firefox browser, you'll want to close out of all other windows of your site and visit in a fresh, incognito window

    If your numbers are not swapping or forms are not working in Firefox, I would suggest contacting support as there may be another issue at hand.

  • Hi Robin, I have been using CallRail for over a year with 30+ companies. I have also tried all you suggested, to no avail. I would be happy to talk with Level 2 support to resolve this. I don't think it's working in Safari on Macs either. 

  • I would be curious, and grateful if anyone reading this would throw up a similar screenshot as that attached. It shows my version of Firefox, and the telephone number that should have been swapped but was not. If CallRail does work in Firefox, you should see a different number.  

  • Hey Thomas. I do see you've submitted a ticket, and it has been escalated to our Tier 2 team. 

    I did visit the above site in Firefox and saw the number swap. I've attached a screenshot here.


    You can also see this if you go to that company within CallRail and view the numbers in that website pool.

    It does appear they are swapping for Firefox, but our Tier 2 team will be able to further assist you in the ticket.

  • Thank you Robin, I wonder why in the world it does not work on my version of Firefox.I hope the Tier 2 team can be of some help to me.


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