Feature to block spam form submissions using keywords

We use Contact Form 7 forms on our website (and client's websites) to follow up on leads. We receive spam forms that we don't want to receive or want to be sent to our clients. We can block the spam forms successfully using keywords we've noticed in most forms using Contact Form 7 and inputting that list of keywords. However, the forms are still sent to our clients via CallRail, even though we can successfully block Contact Form 7 from going through. Therefore, it would be nice if there was an option to pre-emptively block the spam forms coming through on Contact Form 7 using the list of pre-identified keywords. Right now the only option is to block spam messages after they come through, but we want to get ahead of the problem instead of constantly playing catch-up with blocking spam.  



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    Hey Elizabeth. Thank you for submitting this great idea! We really appreciate you taking the time to post this, and our product team thinks this is a good idea as well.

    If this update is implemented, I will let you know here. 

    Have a great rest of your day, and welcome to the community!

  • There definitely needs more attention to form spam. I'm thinking about transitioning dozens of clients to CallRail but you are letting too much spam through. Keywords are a great start but we also use the time delay method to weed out robots. Ask your product team to look at setting a timestamp at page / form creation and not allowing submission until at least 7 seconds, or maybe its a user setting. 

    1 more thing along with keywords, would be restricting domains. None of my clients need emails from someone @.ru 

  • Hey Wayne. I will definitely make sure our product team sees these suggestions about spam form submissions.

    In the meantime, you can add reCAPTCHA to an HTML-Only Form. This functionality is available if you have created a Custom Form within CallRail and have embedded it as HTML on your website. If you are tracking a form from an external form provider, we would recommend seeing if the external form provider has any recommended method of combatting these types of form submissions. 

    Thank you for your suggestion, and welcome to the community!


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