1. Ability to tag values for text messages
  2. A way to view a log for texts and calls in a single screen
  3. Full set of data columns for Unique Calls as there are for the regular Call Log
  4. Fix back button on app to actually go back a screen in a single tap instead of multiple
  5. Fix notifications for the app linking to the call log screen instead of the actual call/text that notification references.
  6. Fix app notifications not showing for accounts with multiple users. This issue has been going on for at least a year now with no fix.
  7. Ability to enter values on the call log screen without needing to click into the details for a call.
  8. I will pay more just for the ability to text more characters without the other things I don't need from lead center. Regardless of how absurd that text limit is in a world with unlimited data cell phone plans.
  9. Dates and times for individual text messages, so I have some frame of reference for when conversations occurred.


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  • Hey Conor. Thank you for posting some feedback for our product team. I will make sure they see the above requests.

    I know you mentioned you do not want Lead Center, but I do what to at least mention how Lead Center would fulfill some of the above requests. The reason Lead Center is necessary to send longer messages is because SMS texts turn into MMS texts when they exceed the character limit of the carrier. Lead Center is needed to send MMS messages. 

    Within the Lead Center platform, all your interactions, texts and calls, are listed together in the inbox. Also, the dates and times are included with the messages.

    Again, we appreciate your feedback, and thank you for being a part of the community!

  • The ability for the CallRail call log to show keywords outside of the keywords we are bidding on. 

  • Hey Varia! Do you mind clarifying this for me? Are you wanting CallRail to show the search terms in addition to keywords in the call log?


  • Hi Robin, 

    additional search terms or keywords that lead to a call. 

    as of now, CallRail shows the keywords that we have, if we don`t have a keyword, the calls show a blank in the keywords column. That was explained to me by your Customer Support. 

  • Yes, that's correct. CallRail is only able to show the keywords you are bidding on in Google Ads. We are not able to show search terms which can be found within your Google Ads account. 


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