Freshpaint Integration

Freshpaint is a healthcare customer data platform that helps keep your marketing data compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). By integrating your CallRail company account with Freshpaint, your CallRail data can be checked for protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII). If Freshpaint detects PHI or PII, it will be automatically removed. The now-clean data can be used in any other platform, such as Google Ads, Meta Pixel, etc.

Getting Started

This integration is only available to customers on CallRail Healthcare plans.

While it’s not required, we recommend that customers use visitor tracking for the best results with the integration. That allows us to detect session-level information like the Freshpaint session ID, which enables better integration capabilities in Freshpaint. 

Please note: This integration does not replace the CallRail JavaScript (JS) snippet. The JS snippet must be included on your website along with Freshpaint’s.

Integrating with Freshpaint

From your CallRail homepage:

  1. Select Settings.
    1. If you have more than one company in your CallRail account, you will need to select one to continue.
  2. Select Integrations.
  3. Select Freshpaint.
  4. Input your Freshpaint environment ID. This is located in your Freshpaint account, under the “Sources” section. See this Freshpaint document for more detailed instructions.
  5. Once your environment ID has been input, review and confirm the events you want to send to Freshpaint. You can choose to send calls, text messages, or forms. By default, all three will be selected.
  6. If desired, you can also input your Google Analytics (GA) Measurement ID. This will allow CallRail to collect GA-issued session IDs for more accurate reporting in Freshpaint.
    • Please note: If this is not provided, you can still use Google Analytics as a destination in Freshpaint, but event reporting and attribution may not be fully accurate.
  7. Select Activate to complete the integration.

Once complete, CallRail will begin sending data to Freshpaint. You will need to configure the appropriate “destinations'' in Freshpaint for CallRail’s data. See this Freshpaint document for more detailed instructions.

Deactivating the Freshpaint integration

From your CallRail homepage:

  1. Select Settings.
    1. If you have more than one company in your CallRail account, you will need to select one to continue.
  2. Select Integrations.
  3. Select Freshpaint.
  4. Select Deactivate.

How CallRail sends data to Freshpaint

CallRail sends data to Freshpaint, which will then be anonymized and have any PHI or PII removed. The list below contains all data points CallRail is able to send. Freshpaint will determine from the sent data what is to be used/have PHI and PII removed.

  • For all event types, we’ll send the following data to Freshpaint:
    • name - Person’s name.
    • phone_number - Person’s phone number, sent in e164 format.
    • email - Person’s email, if present.
    • qualified_score - Good lead, not a lead, or not scored.
    • tags - Tag names for any tags applied to the interaction.
    • value - $ value applied to the interaction, if present.
    • tracking_number_name - For calls and texts.
    • source - First touch source.
    • medium - First touch medium.
    • campaign - First touch campaign.
    • landing_page - Full landing page URL including params.
    • distinct_id - Phone number or email address.
      • Email should be the priority when present, with the phone number a fall back.
      • Phone number sent in e164 format.
    • token- Environment ID from integration setup.
    • time - Timestamp of the event.
    • $device_id - If we detected one from the session.
    • $insert_id - Resource ID for the call, form, or SMS.
      • This helps Freshpaint deduplicate events, just in case the same event is ever sent twice.
    • $ip - If we have one from the session.
    • source - call-rail
      • This is intentionally not our source value. It identifies events as coming from us in Freshpaint.
  • For all event types, when present, we will also send major ad network click IDs to Freshpaint to facilitate integrations. 
    • $gclid - This would be a gclid value but also gbraid or wbraid.
    • $msclkid
    • $fbclid
  • We’ll send the following specifically for calls:
    • duration - Call duration.
    • first_time_caller - True or false value.
    • sentiment - Call sentiment value, if present.
    • call_summary - Call summary, if present.
  • We will send the following specifically for forms:
    • form_data - The form data object containing all fields and their responses.

We do not intake any data back from Freshpaint.

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