Form submissions in HubSpot

Integrating CallRail with your HubSpot account allows you to send form submissions directly to your HubSpot contact activity timelines for a unified look at your lead management. When you receive a form submission, you’ll be able to view the submitter's contact information and see activity information like lifecycle stage, first and last touch, and recent interactions all inside your HubSpot timelines.

Getting started

If you haven't set up your HubSpot integration yet, follow the instructions in our integrating with HubSpot support article to do so.

In order for CallRail to send data to HubSpot, you'll need your company's JavaScript snippet installed on your website. 

How CallRail reports data to HubSpot

CallRail will send your form submission data, including names, contact information, and contents of your form fields to your HubSpot contact timelines.  

Once you receive a web form, we'll send the submission data to HubSpot. We'll either link the activity to an existing HubSpot contact or create a new contact using the following process:

  1. First, we search for a HubSpot tracking cookie that identifies a visitor's previous web sessions. If found, we'll link the cookied user with the submission to surface the contact in HubSpot.

  2. If we can't find any matches for the visitor, CallRail will create a new contact with the form activity. You can also choose not to create new leads from CallRail activity on the HubSpot integration page.

See your CallRail activity in HubSpot

Once CallRail adds a form submission to an existing contact or creates a new contact in HubSpot, you can view form submissions in your contact activity timeline.

  1. In your HubSpot account, select Contacts in the top navigation.


  2. All of your contacts will be updated with any CallRail activity and the corresponding contact properties we send. You can filter your contacts based on these properties in the left sidebar.

  3. You can also see form submission activity in each contact activity timeline. Each contact will also be updated with all contact properties we send.


Refer to this HubSpot help article for a quick tour of contacts and contact properties.


What form submission data is sent to HubSpot?
For form submissions, we will send the following:

- Email.

- First name.

- Last name.

- Form capture data.

Why are some HubSpot leads showing as created from an "offline source"? 
If a HubSpot contact was initially created from a call or text message, it will show as created by an offline source since the contact surfaced from a phone call or text message.

Why is my HubSpot integration failing?
A common reason for your integration to fail is if you're using the Dropdown select field type for State and Source properties. We recommend always using the Single-line text field type for State and Source properties.

To learn more about how to edit and manage properties in HubSpot, you can reference their support article: Create and edit properties.

How do I manually upload my CallRail data into HubSpot?
If you need to manually upload records for calls, texts, or form submissions, you can follow the instructions.

  1. Download any calls, texts, or form logs you’d like to manually upload.
  2. Follow the instructions in this HubSpot support article to properly format your file and upload it into HubSpot.


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