No conversions in Google Ads

Our integration with Google Ads lets you track call conversions from PPC clicks using visitor-level call tracking.

This article covers common issues that can cause conversions not to show in Google Ads and how to fix them.

Getting started

Before you start troubleshooting, check that your integration is active for the company you want to connect with Google Ads. If it shows as inactive, try to activate the integration again.

If issues occur with authorizing the integration within CallRail, this may be due to an ad blocker active in your browser that is preventing Google's authorization window from opening.

Conversions are not showing in Google Ads

Use the troubleshooting steps below or watch the video if you're seeing no conversions at all from your calls.

Is the correct Google Ads account connected?

If you manage multiple Google Ads accounts, the wrong account may have been linked to CallRail. You will need to be logged in to the appropriate Google account before activating the integration. If this occurs, deactivate the integration for the incorrect Google account and log in to the correct one before following the integration steps.

Where are you looking for conversions?

To find your conversions, you can go to the Tools > Measurement > Conversions section of the Google Ads account.


If you switched to the latest version of Google Ads, you can click Goals > Conversions to see your conversions.

Are you using Google Ads cross-account conversions?

When cross-account conversions are active, Google only provides MCC-level conversions. Our integration is dependent on account-level conversions. To resolve this, you can do one of the following:

  1. Deactivate cross-account conversion tracking.
  2. Set up a custom integration using Zapier or our API, in order to send conversions to your desired cross-account conversion goal.

Are you using website pools?

Only Google PPC calls to visitor tracking numbers will report to Google Ads as conversions.

Learn about the basics of visitor tracking.

How long has the integration been active?

After the initial set up, it can sometimes take 24-48 hours for the first call conversion to appear in your Google Ads account.

Check that the website pool numbers are actually swapping

If no visitors are able to see/call website pool numbers, then no calls will be reported to Google Ads as conversions. Check the Number Assignment Table page to see if website pool numbers are swapping.

Instructions on viewing the Number Assignments Table.

If your numbers aren’t swapping, make sure you read through CallRail's swap precedence rules to make sure you’re not accidentally overriding your website pool with other tracking numbers.

Learn about swap precedence rules in this help article.

If you’re still having trouble, double check that your JavaScript snippet has been properly installed on your website for dynamic number insertion.

How to test dynamic number insertion.

Verify you’ve received Google PPC calls to visitor tracking numbers since the integration was set up

Only Google PPC calls to visitor tracking numbers will report to Google Ads as conversions.

Check your Google Ads integration triggers

Ensure there aren’t integration trigger settings preventing the desired conversions from being pushed into Google Ads.

For example, if there is an integration trigger set up to only send calls that are > 5 minutes long to Google Ads, but all calls so far are 2 minutes long, then none of the calls will report as conversions.

Learn about integration triggers.

Is auto-tagging enabled within the Google Ads account?

Auto-tagging adds the visitor's gclid (Google Click ID) to the site's final URL, which is one of the things our application looks for when attributing a call to Google Ads. Without our system being able to recognize a call as Google Ads, we're unable to send it to Google Ads as a conversion.

Read Google's help article on enabling auto-tagging in Google Ads.

The conversion name must be “Phone Call” with a source of "Import from Clicks"

Changing the conversion name from Phone Call in Google Ads will prevent CallRail from sending conversion data. Similarly, changing the conversion source from Import from Clicks will prevent conversions from reporting. However, you can edit the other conversion fields if you like.

Are conversions missing from the Conversions columns of your Google Ads report?

There are two reasons why you might see a discrepancy between the Conversions and All Conversions columns of your report. 

The goal is set as a secondary action

Check if the goal our conversions are grouped under is specified as a primary or secondary action.

 If the goal is set as a secondary action, those conversions will only show under the All Conversions column and they will not be used in automated bid strategies.

 If the goal was set as a primary action, those conversions will show in both the "Conversions" and "All Conversions" columns and can be used in automated bid strategies.

If your goal is set as a secondary action, you can change it to a primary action by clicking Edit Goal on the Conversions page and changing the conversion(s) to a primary action. 

The goal isn’t an account-default goal

If the goal isn’t an account-default goal, our conversions will only show under the Conversions column and will only be included in automated bid strategies if that goal is used in your campaigns (even if you’ve specified the goal is the primary).

To fix this, you can click Edit Goal on the Conversions page and select the Use {goal} as an account-default goal setting.

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