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CallRail's Google My Business (GMB), now called Google Business Profile, integration automatically swaps the primary phone number listed for your GMB location with a CallRail tracking number. This article will cover some common issues that could cause your GMB integration to fail and how to fix them.

The integration is active but I still see my old number

It takes time for Google to process number updates. Typically, this takes longer on the search engine results page (SERP) than it does on Google Maps. You can confirm our change by logging on to and viewing the location information. In time (up to three days in some cases), the changes will be reflected in the SERP panel and on Google Maps.

No accounts/locations found

If we can’t find any accounts or locations associated with your login, we’ll show an error message like this:

There was a problem authorizing your Google My Business account. Make sure you are signed into Google with the same account you use for Google My Business.

This error could mean you just picked the wrong account. It could also mean that you haven't added or claimed your business in GMB. If you haven't added or claimed your listing yet, you can follow the instructions in this Google help article to do so.

The user doesn’t have the right role

GMB allows business owners to set up users with different roles. The Site Manager and Community Manager roles don't have access to manage a location’s details. If you only have access to locations where you are a Site Manager, we’ll show an error message like this:

Only an Owner or Manager can activate this integration for their Google My Business Account. Site managers and other user roles cannot.

Note: If you have access to multiple locations but are only assigned the role of Site Manager for some and not all the locations, we won’t show the locations where you are a Site Manager in the “Location” dropdown.

You can fix this by changing your user role in GMB (for the specific location you want to manage) to Owner or Manager. Here is a Google help article on the different roles.

The listing already has three numbers

A GMB listing can only have three numbers per location. Our integration adds a number, so the location we are managing can have no more than two pre-existing numbers. If you have used all three numbers, we’ll show a message like this:

This GMB location has the maximum of 3 numbers listed. Choose another location, or remove a number from this location that we can replace with a tracking number.

To fix this, you can remove one of the alternate numbers from your listing and then reactivate the integration.

The CallRail tracking number is not the primary number

GMB only shows the location's primary number to customers searching for the business. So our tracking number must be listed as the location’s primary number for calls to be tracked. If it is not, we’ll fail the integration and show this message:

Your tracking phone number is no longer the primary number on your GMB listing. Please reauthorize the integration and select the tracking number again, and we'll reset as the primary.

You can fix this by reactivating the integration, and we’ll put our number back as the primary number on the listing.

Note: If you use Yext or another directory management service, you may need to disable any auto-sync functionality to ensure that our number isn’t continually being overwritten.

The location is permanently closed, suspended, or disabled

If your location has been marked as Suspended, Permanently Closed, or Disabled, the listing will not display in search results, and you won't receive calls. We’ll show a message like this:

The location associated with your account is closed. You'll need to access your Google account to resolve the issue.

Note: The message will indicate whether the location is suspended, permanently closed, or disabled.

You will need to resolve this in GMB before you reactivate the integration. Here are Google Support articles on how to resolve the issue:

Note: If you have access to multiple locations, and only some are suspended, disabled, and/or permanently closed, we'll only show the locations NOT in any of those statuses in the “Location” dropdown.

UTM parameters are not detected on the listing

If you set UTM parameters on your website through the GMB integration and we detect the UTM parameters have been changed or removed, we’ll fail the integration and display this warning:

Your UTM parameters were not detected on your listing. Please reauthorize the integration, and we'll reset them.

If those UTM parameters are removed or updated to something other than what we set (utm_campaign=gmb or utm_campaign=googlemybusiness), your GMB calls to their website pool will not be attributed correctly.

Note: if you want to use our integration but need to set UTM parameters other than the values we set, you can reactivate the integration and uncheck this box:


Doing so will allow you to use the integration to set the primary number, but it will bypass the UTM parameter check.

Ad Location Extension is not detected

If you set a Ad Location Extension number through the GMB integration, and we detect the Ad Location Extension number has been changed or removed, we’ll fail the integration and display this warning:

Your tracking number is no longer the Ads Location Extension on your GMB listing. Please reauthorize the integration and select the number again to resume trackings its calls.

To fix this, verify that you have not changed or removed the number you set as your Ad Location Extension number.

Ad Location Extension number was deleted

If you set up an Ad Location Extension number and later disable that tracking number (on the Tracking page), we will show this warning on the integration page:


We do not fail the integration, so you can have a workflow to disable the tracking number and remove it from your listing without requiring you to reactivate the integration.


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