Please uglify production scripts for better site performance

It's a best practice to do what's known as "uglifying" scripts before they are released into production environments.  Basically this just means that the scripts are compressed and minified before being released and is a part of healthy dev team workflows.  There are plenty of libraries to simplify this process, such as: 

This reduces the size of the files to their minimum size so that they have minimal impact on site load times/performance.  Extremely important for mobile load times and SEO.

Call rail is not doing this with their WordPress plugin's scripts and I am getting pages of notifications about uncompressed and unminified scripts on my site via SEO tools.  Please fix!



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    Hey Hunter!

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I've submitted this request to our product team, and they are aware of this issue. They are currently working on getting this resolved. When there is an update, I'll let you know here. 

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