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The total number of missed calls per phone number in reports appears to be skewed.  I seriously doubt that we are missing over 60% of the calls that are coming into our office.  Most-likley the programmer that built this input forgot to separate missed outbound calls.  This distinction between missed inbound calls and missed outbound calls is significant.  

Can someone check into this and have a programmer take 30 minutes to create a new column option that distinguishes between the 2?

As we all know 90% of all small businesses fail... due to lack of relevant KPI's and accountability to them.  (Analytics isn't even a topic for discussion on this Forum : )) Even if no one else seems to care, this appears to be a very significant error in the analytics being provided.  



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    Hey Benjamin!

    There is an option to filter reports by call direction. This will allow you to filter out those missed outbound calls.

    If this is a report you review regularly, you can create a custom report of missed calls for a selected time period and filter for only inbound calls. This will save to your account under reports. 

    Our Call Tracking community topic is where we host posts about Analytics as well as DNI, tracking, the mobile app, and call routing. I went ahead and relocated this post there.

    Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns, and I'm more than happy to help out with those!

  • Benjamin,

    I have had issues where calls to the tracking numbers do not ring thru to my office.  Make sure there is someone available and then call all your tracking numbers from your cell phone and see if the calls ring for you.  I'll be interested to hear what you find.


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