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I'm curious if there's an option, similar to press start # to go straight to voicemail, if we can include an option to allow callers to select an option to have agents call them back. then send a notification to agents (email and/or app notification) call them back.

This could be added to queues and simulcall based call flows



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    Hey Liz,

    At this time, we do not offer an exact feature like that. However, using the "press star to go straight to voicemail" could be used to accomplish this by changing the message to something like "press star to have an agent call you back," and route that to a tag step labeled "Call Back." You'll want to then add a hang up step at the very end of that route. 

    Then you can create a notification that emails agents when that tag is applied to a call. This will alert those agents a caller wants a call back without the caller having to leave a voicemail.

    Let me know if that accomplishes what you're looking for! 

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