Bulk Call Tagging From The Main Activity Screen

I would really love to be able to tag calls in bulk.  The main use case I have for this is to be able to bulk tag calls that are less than 60 seconds. My customers tend to get a high volume of calls to their Google My Business Integrations from robo callers or people that just call and hang up a few seconds later.  Right now I have to manually tag each and every call that matches this criteria which is a huge pain.  I think it's important to note that this feature would have to be compatible with filters.  I would need to be able to filter calls < 60 seconds for instance before bulk tagging.



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    Hey Hunter,

    I'll get this suggestion sent to our product team for review. It looks like your account does not have Conversation Intelligence, but with CI, automation rules can be enabled to tag calls based on many attributes, including duration. 

    However, I will go ahead and submit bulk tagging as a feature request on your behalf!

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