Route previous callers to the same number for answered AND unanswered calls

We are using the round robin functionality for inbound lead distribution to sales agents. When an agent misses a call, the customer will often call the number back immediately and the lead will then be routed to the next agent in the round robin.

Meanwhile, the initial missed call triggers our lead creation in salesforce and assigns the lead to the initial agent. This agent responds to the missed call and now we have two sales agents pursuing the same lead which causes lots of headaches. 

An option to "Route previous callers to the number that it was previously routed to last time they called" regardless of whether the call was answered or unanswered would solve this problem. 



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    Hey Jim,

    I will submit your request to our product team for review. In the meantime, one workaround option would be to set up an integration trigger for Salesforce that filters out missed calls. That way, only calls that were answered will be sent to Salesforce which will include the agent that is actually handling the call. 

    Thanks for taking the time to provide this suggestion, and welcome to the community!

  • Thanks Robin!

    If I'm interpreting the suggested workaround correctly, the downside of the fix would be those unanswered calls never making their way into salesforce and consequently the missed calls would not be followed up on by our agents. We'd be fully reliant on the customer choosing to call us back to initiate the sales conversation. 

    In our case, we'd rather those unanswered leads be recorded in salesforce so we can be proactive in the outreach.

    If I'm misinterpreting the workaround or you have other suggestions, let me know. Also, if CallRail has a "solutions team" or specialists that can help us think through this stuff, we'd love to chat with them. 

  • Hey Jim,

    Yes, that's correct. This would only be a good solution if agents linked to the missed calls reviewed those calls in CallRail and called them back. Then those outbound calls would be sent to Salesforce and linked to the correct agent. It's definitely not a perfect solution for what you're requesting, but it is something that may be worth considering. 


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