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I'm getting a high volume of robocalls on some of my client's Google Business listings.  They happen 1-2 times per day. The contact name is always listed as "unavailable" and they hang up in 40 seconds after their automated pitch message plays.  They use a rotating pool of numbers so it's pretty much infeasible to mark them as spam to contain the volume but they pollute reports and are a pain.  Does anyone have a solution to this?  I was hoping there was a "challenge caller" workflow step I could put into a call workflow but I don't see one.



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  • Hi Hunter, 

    I am sorry to hear you are having issues with the Robocalls on the GMB listings. I have seen that occur before unfortunately and what we recommend first is checking the settings within the companies and see what settings are in place for the calls. I know that you already know how to mark the calls as spam, but we also have other settings where you can setup the Call Challenge features. Here are the steps. 

    1. Click the Settings icon on the left navigation bar.

    2. Choose the company where you’d like to block or challenge calls.

    3. Choose Blocked numbers from the Lead Management header on the left.

    4. Block a specific phone number at the top of the page by entering the number into the top field and clicking Block. You can also choose to block this caller from all companies in your account by clicking the checkbox. Use the drop-down menu for each number to challenge or reject calls from that caller. 

    5. You can also choose to filter callers by category at the bottom of the page. Select ChallengeBlock, or Allow to apply your settings to any caller that falls within one of these categories.

    You may want to review the telemarketer and robo call section. I would recommend doing a block on the settings possibly to see if it cuts those calls down. 

    Hopefully that will do the trick and you will see improvement. I hope it calms down for you as I know that has to be very frustrating. Let us know if you need help with anything else! 

  • Also- meant to include the challenge feature will require the caller to press "1" to connect. So you could either do the challenge or block feature for those Robocalls. 


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