Missing Call Attribution Due To Segmenting Of Phone Numbers By Traffic Channel?

Hi there, 

I'm having a call that is showing as a direct visit call, but I have been able to trace back to an ad click on a Google Ads campaign.  This particular client has a little bit of a different setup with their phone numbers though and I suspect it may be contributing to an attribution gap.  They have numbers set up for direct traffic, and Google Ads traffic.  In this case it appears the visitor clicked on an ad one day and then returned the following day and called in.  In callRail the visit is showing as a first touch direct visit, where I would expect there to be the cross channel history for the visitor.  They could of course have cleared cookies or something to that effect, but I wanted to check and see if having segmented numbers by channel would be something that might mask attribution. 

I normally have traffic from all channels in one shared website pool, for any calls generated from the website, and then use dedicated numbers for platform specific needs such as tracking calls generated from LinkedIn or Facebook when they are sourced from the 3rd party platform. This is a B2B lead gen scenario so it's pretty common for them not to call on the first visit and call back a few days later after gathering options for companies to reach out to. Any insights on a recommended setup here?



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    Hi Hunter, 

    Thank you for posting in Community! I will be glad to look into this. I am going to open a ticket on our support end and get some more data from you so I can look into the exact call to try to gain insight on what could have happened here and what the best setup may be in this case. 

    Be on the lookout for an email from support@callrail.com 

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