Six Quick Steps to Getting Keywords for Calls

This quick guide outlines best practices to make sure you're getting Keywords for your calls.


Follow these steps to make sure that you will see Keywords in your call log:

  1. Activate the Google Ads integration.
  2. Turn on auto-tagging for your Google ads.
  3. Create a tracking template in Google Ads.
  4. Create a website pool for your website.
  5. Install the JavaScript snippet on your website.
  6. Monitor calls as they happen on your CallRail activity page.
  7. Keywords should populate shortly after the call is completed.


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  • Does this work for call extensions also?  How can we make sure we're getting keywords for call extensions?

  • Hey Deidre!

    If you'd like to receive keywords for call extensions, you'll want to set up the Google Ads Call Details Forwarding integration. Here is a link to get that set up. 

    Let me know if you have any more questions, and welcome to the community! 


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