MyCase integration

MyCase is a legal management solution that allows you to manage your client, case, and personnel details in one streamlined dashboard. When you use CallRail's integration with MyCase, we'll send the lead and interaction data from your inbound calls directly to MyCase so you can have a deeper understanding of the client journey from lead to case.

Getting Started

To activate the integration, you'll need the "Manage your firm's preferences, billing, and payment options?" option set to "Yes" in your MyCase User Profile.

MyCase user profile setting.png

You will not be able to view this setting in your profile. To verify this setting, you will need another MyCase user with the appropriate permissions to view your profile and adjust the setting as necessary. You can read this MyCase support article for more information on editing user permissions.

Integrating with MyCase

Follow the instructions below for each company you’d like to integrate with MyCase.

  1. Click the Settings icon on the left navigation bar.

  2. Choose the company you'd like to integrate with MyCase.

  3. Click Integrations at the top of the page.

  4. Choose MyCase from the list of integrations.

  5. Click Authorize.

  6. Next, you'll be prompted to log into your MyCase account.

    MyCase login.png

  7. Once you've successfully logged in to your MyCase account, the integration will be activated and will start sending data.

How CallRail sends data to MyCase

Once active, our integration will create the following custom fields:

  • Source.
  • Medium.
  • Campaign.
  • gclid.
  • Keywords.
  • Landing Page.
  • View this lead.

For each new inbound phone call, we'll attempt to match existing leads in your MyCase account by email address (if we have one stored for that lead) and phone number. If no lead is found, we'll create one.

We'll populate the lead's name, phone number, email (if present). We'll populate a referral source of "Inbound phone call". We will also populate the custom fields listed above as follows:

  • Source, Medium, Campaign, Keywords, and Landing Page will contain the first touch attribution information.

  • the gclid will contain the most recent gclid associated with the call.

  • View this lead will contain a link to the lead's timeline in CallRail.

We will also create a Phone Call record and attach it to the lead (the match we found or the one we created).

The Phone Call will include the date and time of the call. The "Call For" will be the user who activated the integration, and the Message will contain the Call Summary (if your account has a Premium Conversation Intelligence plan) and a link to the call recording (if the call is recorded). If the call was answered, it will be marked as Resolved.

MyCase Phone Call Record.png

Viewing your leads in MyCase

You can view your leads in the Online Leads tab in MyCase. You'll need to approve your leads before you can edit them or see them in the Pipeline or other MyCase Lead Views.

  1. In MyCase, click on Leads.

  2. Choose Online Leads from the top navigation bar.

  3. Click the Approve button next to each lead in the list.

    mycase online leads.png

  4. To approve leads in bulk, select all the leads you'd like to approve.

  5. Click Approve Leads from the Actions dropdown.

    Mycase bulk actions.png

Deactivating the MyCase integration

Deactivating a company's MyCase integration will prevent CallRail from sending data to your MyCase account. We'll keep your integration credentials saved in case you'd like to reactivate your integration in the future.

  1. Click the Settings icon on the left navigation bar.

  2. Choose the company where you'd like to deactivate the integration.

  3. Click Integrations at the top of the page.

  4. Choose MyCase from the list of integrations.

  5. Select Deactivate Integration on the right side of the page.
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