Missing events in GA4

Google has recently upgraded from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). GA4 changes how data is collected and reorients the metrics from sessions to events. CallRail integrates with your existing GA4 account by sending your call, text, chat, and form submission data to events you’ve created. If you notice you're missing events, you can use this guide to help you troubleshoot.

We'll cover the two possible causes for missing events and the solutions for each below. 

For more information on our GA4 integration, click here to review our GA4 support article.

Data thresholding

Data thresholding in GA4 is caused by a feature called Google signals. This feature is turned off by default. If you turn it on, you may experience thresholding, which can prevent our events from displaying in reports. If thresholding occurs, you'll see a warning icon in your reports, specifically the "Events" report. 


Learn more about Google signals here.

If you're experiencing thresholding, you have a few options.

Turn off Include Google signals in reporting identity

If you've activated Google signals, you can turn off Include Google Signals in reporting identity to reduce the chance of thresholding. If you choose this option, Google Analytics will still collect Google signals data, but certain demographic data will be excluded. 

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account and click on the Admin tab.

  2. Select Data settings from the left menu, then click Data collection.

  3. Turn off the Include Google signals in reporting identity option.

    google signals reporting indentity.png

Change Reporting identity to Device-based

If you choose this option, you can continue to use Google signals while changing the Reporting identity to Device-based. Device-based reporting identity uses Device ID (first-party cookie). If the same user uses multiple browsers or devices, Google Analytics will treat the user as separate users.

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account and click on the Admin tab.

  2. Select Reporting identity from the left menu.

  3. Click Show all.

    google signals device.png
  4. Select the Device-based option.

Deactivate Google Signals

If you choose this option, you won't have access to certain demographic data.

Developer traffic is filtered

In GA4, you can filter out activity from developers who are using debug mode, so their data does not show up in your reports. If a filter for Developer traffic is active, it could cause our events to get filtered.

To check if this filter is active, follow the instructions below.

  1. Log into Google Analytics and click on the Admin tab.

  2. Click Data settings from the left menu and then click Data filters.

If the filter is active and you believe it's causing CallRail events to be filtered, we recommend turning the filter off.

Learn more about data filters here.


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