How to grant CallRail access to your Google Analytics account

Getting started

If you are having trouble creating a goal, or if you're not able to view your calls in Google Analytics, our support team can help you troubleshoot with temporary access to your Google Analytics account.

Granting access to Google Analytics

  1. First, submit a ticket to our support team to provide some details on what you would like us to troubleshoot.

  2. Next, we'll provide an email address for you to add to your Google Analytics account.

  3. Log into your Google Analytics account.

  4. Click on the Admin button at the bottom of the page.


  5. Select the Account, Property, and View that's linked to your CallRail account.


  6. Add the email address we've provided at the Property level by clicking Account Access Management in the "Account" column.


  7. Type in the email address we've provided, choose "Read & Analyze," then click "Notify this user by email" to send a notification to the email address you've added.

  8. Click Add.

  9. After you've added the email address to your Google Analytics account, reply to your open CallRail support ticket to confirm that you've added us.
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