Know Your Customer registration overview

 Know Your Customer (KYC), is customer information that is used for identifying and verifying an individual or business. This information typically consists of name, address, and date of birth for Individuals and company name, and business verification documents.

Given the rise in fraud over the last few years, UK regulators have issued updated KYC guidelines. These new requirements will require businesses and organizations to submit their KYC information and become verified before they can begin calling their customers.

The Know Your Customer registration process impacts CallRail customers on UK Pricing Plans that have Administrator access level.  

What does the new guideline require? 

Starting May 27, 2024, you'll need to register your business in order to purchase new UK local or toll-free numbers. There are several benefits to registering.

  • Enhanced trust: KYC will help foster trust between customers and telecom providers. 
  • Reduces fraud: The registration process will help weed out bad actors and protect customers and businesses from spam.

What information is required?

In order to register, you must provide registration information for a UK-based business. If your business isn't based in the UK but you support client accounts that are UK-based, please utilize their information and addresses to register each business. 

For each business you want to register, please provide the following information: 

  • Business Name 
  • Registration Authority & Business Registration Number: Please confirm and provide your UK Companies House Registration Number. 

  • Business Address: Please ensure this is a UK address. 

  • Website address

  • Emergency Address (if different from your Business Address)

  • Authorized Business Representative Name: this is the authorized representative that is responsible for your phone numbers.

How do I register my account?

Most customers need to register their account just once to use existing UK phone numbers and/or be permitted to add new UK numbers in the future. To do so, a CallRail administrator should proceed to to enter the required information.

What if I’m a marketing agency or have multiple CallRail accounts for multiple locations of my business?

If you are using Account Center, (What is Account Center?), each account that has, or wants to have, UK phone numbers needs to be KYC registered. For marketing agencies who typically manage  CallRail accounts on behalf of clients, you can register each account with your agency business information, as long as your agency has a UK address. If your agency is not UK-based, please use client address information to register. You must do this for each account with or needing UK numbers.

Getting Started 

1. Navigate to to begin the registration process.

2. Select the account that has or needs UK numbers

3. Select the registration type based on the type of UK numbers that are present on that particular account 

*For Account Center customers, please repeat this process for each account that requires registration



Please note that you may need to submit multiple registrations on your account depending on the different number types you utilize with CallRail. Separate registration is required for Local, National, or Toll-Free UK numbers. 

For example, if you have both Local and Toll-Free numbers on an account, you will submit two registrations with the correct registration type selected in the above. 

You can find out the number types you have on your account on the registration page itself. 

Once you have submitted your registration forms, you can keep up with your registration status by navigating to the Account icon in the top left to open the My Account panel, then selecting Account Settings, before choosing All Companies:




How much does it cost to register?

There is no cost to register your business with KYC.

What if I’m porting my numbers from another provider where I was registered for KYC?
Businesses need to be registered through their current vendor, so even if you've previously registered your business, you'll need to register again with CallRail.

What if I don't have the information required to register?

If you want to use UK local and toll-free numbers, you must have a UK CRN.

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