Multitenant Setups in Microsoft Ads

CallRail makes it possible to track calls and form submissions as conversions in Microsoft Ads. Once your integration is active, we’ll automatically report your calls and form fills with Microsoft Click IDs (msclkid) to Microsoft Advertising as conversions.

CallRail’s Microsoft Ads Integration can support organizations that are managed in Microsoft Entra (formerly known as Azure) with a single tenant and more than one tenant, referred to here as multitenant organizations. 

Single-tenant organizations can view this document to learn how to activate the Microsoft Ads integration. The following article outlines the additional steps necessary to activate if you have more than one instance of Microsoft Entra ID, which is called a “multitenant” setup. 

What is a tenant? 

A tenant is an instance of Microsoft Entra ID in which information about a single organization resides including organizational objects such as users, groups, and devices. A tenant also contains access and compliance policies for resources, such as which applications and integrations users have access to.

What is a multitenant organization? 

A multitenant organization is an organization that has more than one instance of Microsoft Entra ID. An organization might have multiple tenants if it has multiple subsidiaries or independent business units, if an organization has merged with or acquired other organizations, or if it operates in multiple locations with different regulatory requirements. 

If you’re interested in learning more, view Microsoft’s Help Article on Multitenant Organizations

How do I know if I’m in a multitenant organization? 

You might find out because you tried to activate the integration and were not able to. You can verify by contacting a member of your IT administration team. 

Activating the Microsoft Ads Integration for Multitenant Organizations 

There are a few additional steps to follow to activate the Microsoft Ads integration if you are a user in a multi-tenant organization. 

Customers with this setup will need to contact a member of their internal IT team with Microsoft Entra (formerly known as Azure) Admin access. These are users who can log into and make changes for their organization and its users. 

From there, users with the proper access level will need to log into CallRail and follow the steps outlined in our setup article  in order to authorize the Microsoft Ads integration and accept the permissions we are requesting: 

  1. Click the Settings icon on the left navigation bar. 
  2. Choose the company you’d like to integrate with Microsoft Advertising.
  3. Click Integrations at the top of the page. 
  4. Choose Microsoft Advertising from the list of Integrations. 
  5. Sign into the Microsoft Advertising account you’d like to use and click Authorize. This will redirect you to Microsoft, where you will be asked to authorize CallRail to send data to your Microsoft Advertising account. Choose Yes to authorize CallRail’s access. 
  6. Allowing access to your Microsoft Advertising customer account will  move your integration into a “pending” state. Select the company in your customer account you’d like to use for this integration to take the integration out of pending
  7. Click Activate. This creates your conversions in Microsoft Advertising and allows CallRail to report your new, incoming calls and/or forms as conversions. After this step, you should see “Phone Call” and “Form Capture” conversions in Microsoft Advertising. 

The IT Admin's authorization forces the creation of a Service Principal, which we require for the integration to function in multitenant Entra setups. Only a user with Administrative permissions in Entra can do so. Once this Service Principal is created, integrations can be activated by any user and will function as normal.

Keep in mind the IT Admin user does not need to have access to any Microsoft Advertising accounts. If this is the case, the integration will fail to activate for the IT Admin user instead of moving into “pending” as listed above, however, once they log in to their Microsoft Account (and do so successfully), and accept the scopes our integration requests, any user will be able to proceed with authorizing Microsoft Ads integration in your CallRail account. 

The IT Admin will not need to repeat this process for every new integration, it only needs to happen once. 

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